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Volvo Trucks is one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world. Their premium vehicles are sold in more than 130 countries, and EMEA is one of their most important market regions. Volvo Trucks EMEA has a tactical marketing and communication team that supports the European markets by coordinating their marketing material requests and supplying them with the assets they need. It’s a set-up with many merits, and our main assignment for Volvo Trucks is to support it.

By coordinating the markets’ requests, the EMEA support team pools needs and develops marketing material which can be used by many. This avoids duplication of effort, saving both time and money, and secures the quality and consistency in Volvo Trucks’ tactical communication – wherever displayed. All projects are supervised by the EMEA support team and produced by one, safely updated agency – us. The markets needn’t spend time on keeping local agencies updated on brand and product developments, nor do they risk ending up with local interpretations that don’t align with brand guidelines.

Our assignment as tactical agency for the EMEA support team means we work with a wide variety of projects. The focus is on activation, but the subject can range from product launches, services and after sales offers to exhibitions, dealership branding and sales force training.

We are a dedicated team working with the Volvo Trucks on a daily basis, and we keep a close dialogue with the EMEA support team about the ongoing projects. We also have regular meetings where we discuss how to develop and improve our common work in order to streamline our production and support the European markets in the best possible way.

We have worked with Volvo Trucks since 2011, and the long relationship is key to our successful cooperation. During the years, we’ve built up a solid knowledge about the brand, the products and the transport industry. We have a deep understanding of the Volvo way of working and the cultural disparities of the different markets. We have also made many friends within the Volvo Trucks organization, and that network is priceless to us. It makes our work better and our workday more fun. Just as good teamwork should.

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