The result


In a country with such great seasonal changes as Sweden tyres is a huge market, and there are many suppliers eager to fight for their shares. Volvo Car Sverige (VCS) is one of them, and with one million Volvo cars running on Swedish roads, they have a great opening for doing sales. We got the assignment to promote VCS’s tyre offer online but we said no. Because why only promote tyres online when we can just as well sell them online? This objective called for more than just a web shop though. Finding the best tyres for your car is a complex matter, and many car owners need and want guidance to be able to choose the right make and model.


We created a web site that enables Volvo owners to find the exact right tyres for their cars, including price and estimated time for delivery. It’s an industry-first solution featuring a search engine which connects the car’s registration number with API:s providing data from the car factory, the tyre producers’ distribution centres and local dealers’ price systems.


The web siteäck has made the tyre purchase safe and simple for all Volvo car owners. Her or she will find the exact right tyres within seconds just by tapping in the car’s registration number. And once the tyres are bought, it is just as easy to book a tyre exchange at the nearest Volvo workshop. Since the launch of the web site in 2019, VCS’s tyre sales has soared – online as well as at their dealers. While making customers happier and Swedish traffic probably safer.