The result


With the launch of the new Volvo FH coming up, Volvo Trucks Netherlands decided to act in order to raise expectations and create a strong demand. Some of the most trustworthy spokespersons for the truck are of course the ones who already drive it, so the strategy became to activate the roughly 16,000 Dutch Volvo FH drivers and make them our ambassadors.


Truck driving is a lonely job, and the many days away from friends and family make social media important to many drivers. Truckers are also very proud of their trucks and keen on the trucks of others. We decided to build on this, by giving the Volvo FH drivers the opportunity to create a cool piece of content for their personal Facebook pages – starring their own trucks. So we launched the campaign “MeandmyFH”, inviting the Volvo FH drivers to pay tribute to their trucks. Their “tool” was an online video maker where the drivers could turn their personal truck images into a video by using stylish message and design templates. The drivers were then encouraged to share their films in social media and enjoy the response from friends and colleagues. To be able to download and share the videos, the driver had to register. This enabled Volvo Trucks to collect contact data and retarget the drivers with promotion of the upcoming Volvo FH launch. The campaign was promoted by its user-generated content and boosted with social media ads.


The campaign created a buzz about Volvo Trucks in the entire Dutch trucker community. Despite a modest advertising budget, the microsite hosting the video maker got more than 15,000 visitors, 19,000 sessions and 95,000 page views. Nearly 300 videos were created and shared on Facebook, and Volvo Trucks Netherlands could add more than 1,400 new driver contacts to their e-mail database. Since the Dutch launch, Denmark and other European markets have been able to run the MeandmyFH campaign too, thanks to the Volvo Trucks EMEA network.