The result


Ten years ago, the management of digital content at Volvo Car Sverige (VCS) was a manual operation. Product information, offers and other types of digital data were developed and updated manually where and when needed. Web pages, campaign sites, digital screen content, banners and apps were handled as static assets, and they too needed individual maintenance and updating. As VCS’s digital eco system grew, this set-up was no longer viable. It was necessary to develop a new way of working which could handle both the digital data and the assets in a more efficient way.


We developed a content management system, serving as a hub for VCS’s digital marketing material production. The idea of such a system is to offer a central platform where the digital marketing data can be handled separately from the assets using it. This way, data maintenance can be concentrated to one place only, and any central updates automatically generate updates on all the connected assets. The system extracts information from legacy systems and provides marketers with constantly updated content for VCS’s many digital touchpoints:, local dealer websites, the digital signage system, the My Volvo app and the car configurator.


Today, the content management system serves as “the source of truth” for VCS’s entire digital marketing material production. It ensures that all communication activities on all digital platforms describe and display the VCS offer in a consistent and constantly updated way. Allowing the people at the marketing department to focus on more inspiring work.